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These AKC registered White German Shepherds are gorgeous and rare. We do not breed in quantity but for quality.This site is for all: family and friends, prospective buyers, dog enthusiasts, and also everyone who simply loves looking at adorable pictures of the most beautiful puppies. Our goal is to give you, our reader, a more personal experience with our animals. We want to give you the feeling that you know our dogs as if they were your own. You can follow each of our dogs and watch them grow. 

As an animal lover, Alex has been drawn to them all his life and transitioning to be a dog trainer was more fun than work. He has 5 years experience in handling and training dogs, and his 12-year experience in breeding and employment as a veterinarian technician at 3 different hospitals are testaments to the health, care and well being of our Kingland Kennels shepherds.

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To our prospective buyers: You can observe the temperament and personality traits of the sire and dam, so you have an idea of the personality and fun characteristics your puppy might carry. You can also keep track of the progress of gestation and birth of each litter, right up until the day you pick up the newest member of your family! We want to assure you that you are getting the healthiest, happiest and best quality puppy!

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Quick Facts

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