Years ago after several failed attempts of trying to find my dream dog. I finally came across Alex, who only had one remaining older puppy. Alex told me that he had a great temperament but you really never know what you are getting with a puppy. I have to say he was right. Not only is he beautiful, but confident and brave. Oh and of course a genius. Along with his basic training, he is off leash trained as well. Has been a candidate for Blue Buffalo and Kong advertisements. Breeding is key especially in a GSD. Kingland Kennels has been seeing every step of his growth. Addressing questions and cheering on for his success. Riley will always be a part of their family and they of us.

My wife and I would like to personally thank you for allowing us to give Bolt a new forever home. He is an absolute joy to have in our lives. We would also like to commend you on the top notch care, kindness, and loving attention you give to all of your dogs. You are an outstanding breeder and should be an AKC example for “A” class breeders around the world. We could not be happier with the quality and service of your kennel and will highly recommend you to all that acquire about our puppy’s blood line lineage. We wish you all the best and continued success at Kingland Kennels.

Jesse and Paola Jara-Hazelet

That's my King, and bless his little heart. He had to sit on a cold table today when I introduced him to my veterinarian. He is so remarkably smart at his age of 4 months. I trained dogs in 4-H and in the military and this is by far the smartest dog I have EVER trained, just a remarkable nature. I will cherish him the rest of mine or his life whom ever G O D calls first. Thank you so, so much Alex and your beautiful wife for these awesome creatures G O D created for us to love and call FAMILY. May G O D bless you ALEX and Kingland Kennels. The Reverend Monty Morgan, Anderson S.C. That's my Baby Boy!!!!! Absolutely awesome dog. Me and my beautiful wife just love him to pieces already, sleeps on my head sometimes, lol. He is family now, G O D bless you Alex for such wonderful and BEAUTIFUL dogs.

This is Debra. We bought one of your puppies. It will be 2 wks Thurs. Did you see her on my FACEBOOK Profile Picture? She went to the Vet Monday and her check up was very clean, showed no parasites, infections or illness. She has grown 1 1/2 inches since she has been here. She is just amazing and beautiful. We're so happy with her.
You  might  like  to  know  that   this  baby  is  growing  like  crazy. We  took  her  to  the  vet  at  8  wks... she  was  13.8 lbs...  3 wks  later  she  was  22.6 lbs.
Her  check  up  was  very  clean, showed  no  parasites, infections  or  illness. She  has  grown  1   1/2  inches  since  she  has  been  here.  She  is  just  amazing  and  beautiful. We're  so  happy  with  her.
She  whines  or  tugs  on  our  pant  leg  to  go  out  and  potty Walks  on  a  leash.  She  is  an  amazing  baby  and  soft  as  a  rabbit I  hope  all  of  the  people  that  have  these  puppies  are  as  thrilled  as  we  are with  her.
Her  name  is, "SPOOKY"... She's  quiet, very  smart,  sometimes  seems  to  appear  from  out  of   NOWHERE. We  got  her  from  you  after  a  2 yr  search.
Spooky   was  8  or  9  wks  when  we  got  her  from  you.  She weighs  about  120  now  and  is  3  yrs  old.  We  have  looked for  a  suitable  male. So  far,  they  are  small...  or   hips  look abnormal... Or  they  live  1,000  miles  away  and  cost  a fortune  and  won't  know  what  I'm  getting  till  he  arrives... Dale  and  me  are  from  the  old  school  and  we  just  don't  do business  that  way.

Bet  you  know  the  look  and  have  heard  all  of  the  stories...
She  is   just  AMAZING   and  if  you  have  a  boy  pup,  we'd like  her  to  have  a  mate.