Proud Owners

Debra & Spooky and Buster

  • This is Debra. We bought one of your puppies. It will be 2 wks Thurs. Did you see her on my FACEBOOK Profile Picture? She went to the Vet Monday and her check up was very clean, showed no parasites, infections or illness. She has grown 1 1/2 inches since she has been here. She is just amazing and beautiful. We're so happy with her.
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Jessica & Riley

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Efrain & Ghost

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Paola & Bolt

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Marlene & Snow

  • That's my Baby Boy!!!!! Absolutely awesome dog. Me and my beautiful wife just love him to pieces already, sleeps on my head sometimes, lol. He is family now, G O D bless you Alex for such wonderful and BEAUTIFUL dogs.
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Jenny & Orange